The West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center is a voivodeship educational institution supporting staff, carrying out tasks of training teachers of all specializations, levels and types of schools and educational institutions.

We train and advise

The West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center organizes various forms of education, cooperation and exchange of experiences, including: qualification courses, training boards of teachers, workshops, symposia, seminars, networking and conferences, and comprehensive support to schools. We also offer different forms of development prepared in accordance with the needs of our clients. We conduct extensive consulting and teacher consultants and experts working in the Centre provide individual consultations.

We make available

The wealth of Helena Radlińska Pedagogical Library and highly qualified teacher librarians provide comfort in using the collected books, magazines, newspapers, films, sound recordings and various multimedia publications. Some of our collections are made ​​available on the platform of the West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center Digital Library and the West Pomeranian Digital Library co-created by us. As part of the library, it is possible to use the valuable services of the Department of Pedagogical Information.

We publish

The purpose of publishing activities of the Centre is to support the professional development of education workers through the dissemination of valuable scientific, teaching and educational content. Since 1991, we have issuing the West Pomeranian Educational Bimonthly „Refleksje”. Teachers, principals, inspectors, researchers and our consultants have been publishing there, sharing their knowledge, opinions, research results and experiences of everyday life at school.

We cooperate

In order to improve the quality of our offer we cooperate with universities, numerous educational institutions, cultural and public utility institutions, local government units, associations and commercial partners.

Establishing and continuance of cooperation with similar institutions operating in the European Union is of great importance to us. Creating an international platform for communication enabling exchange of experience in the field of teacher education is one of the priority tasks of the Centre.

We are trying to do our best to fulfill the tasks of the leader in system solutions for education. Our projects, financed from structural funds and as part of government programs, allow us to create constructive partnerships with other educational institutions.